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Amenas Sea Minerals Daily Boost 250ml

Amenas Sea Minerals Daily Boost 250ml

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Product Description:

100% Ocean Derived Mineral Liquid.

Daily Boost Everyday Health Tonic is made from pure Australian ocean water with most of the salt removed. The resulting liquid is then naturally concentrated to 1% of the original volume. 


Adults: 5ml per day taken with food or taken as drops added to drinking water around 1.5 – 2ml per litre. It can be taken with juice, in a smoothie or as a ‘shot’ in about 4cm water followed by a glass of water or juice.

Children: 1 – 5 drops per day with food and diluted in water, milk or juice.

Who would benefit from taking Daily Boost?

Just about everybody! In 1992, the official report of the Rio Earth Summit concluded “there is deep concern over continuing major declines in the mineral values in farm and range soils throughout the world”. This statement was based on data showing that over the last 100 years, average mineral levels in agricultural soils had fallen worldwide – by 72% in Europe, 76% in Asia and 85% in North America. That was 20 odd years ago and things haven’t changed much with farming practices.

Athletes and highly physically active people can use Daily Boost for electrolyte replacement during and after a workout, in this situation we recommend that the Daily Boost be added to water at slightly higher than the above recommended dosage rate. Perhaps 2-2.5ml per litre.

Cautions: May cause a diarrheal response (especially if a full dose is taken on an empty stomach). Simply cut the dose down until the body gets used to it.

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