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Vogel, Biosnacky Sprossengarten (Mini-Greenhouse Germinator)

Vogel, Biosnacky Sprossengarten (Mini-Greenhouse Germinator)

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Product Description:

The Large Dome Seed Germinator sprouter by bioSnacky makes sprouting so simple for the sprout enthusiast. This 3-tier germinator allows you to grow three types of seed simultaneously, giving you a variety of delicious fresh sprouts to enjoy. Made from ecologically friendly food-safe acrylic material.

Correct use of our top-quality seeds will ensure optimum cultivation results in all bioSnacky germinators and glass germinators.

1. The top layer of this Germinator is suitable for growing taller sprouts as the lid is domed.

2.This newest bioSnacky Germinator does not have drainage plugs and is easily watered through a hole in the middle of the lid.

3.The drainage holes in the trays are larger in this model so, to prevent small seeds being washed away, approx. 25 filter papers are provided to line the appropriate trays, along with an instruction booklet.

Versatile and Easy to handle.

Just place the seeds in the trays and grow.

Seeds can be simply rinsed and the sprouter is also dishwasher safe to a temperature of approx. 85C.

Scratch-, shock- and UV-resistant.

Includes an instruction booklet.

Suitable for sprouting all seeds and grains, as well as for raising wheat and barley grass (in the top tray). Easy to Use: Requires no soil or sowing - just place the seeds in the trays and water twice daily!

With special dome cover that gives extra height

Can be easily watered through the top of the dome

Simple to clean

Clear, clean eco-friendly acrylic glass (specially recommended for foodstuffs)

Contains no cadmium or formaldehyde

Rotund, transparent seed trays with ventilation slats ensure optimum light exposure and air circulation (flow of oxygen).


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