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Oxymin, Calm (Calcium Magnesium Complex) Powder, 230g

Oxymin, Calm (Calcium Magnesium Complex) Powder, 230g

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Product Description:

OxyMin® CalM is a highly absorbable....effervescent.....calcium and magnesium complex, boosted with Aloe Vera and trace minerals.

Designed to suit the modern lifestyle, OxyMin? CalM mixes easily in cold water to form a sparkling mineral drink which is beneficial for sports people and those with an active lifestyle. And what's tastes great! kids will take it too! The benefits ofcalcium have long been talked about and embraced - as a requirement to maximise and strengthen bone in children and adults, which may also prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

Although not as well known as calcium, magnesium is equally important because it is vital for the proper use of calcium by the body. OxyMin® CalM contains numerous sources of Calcium and Magnesium including citrates, ascorbates, carbonates, glycerophosphates and lactates to provide a balanced calcium and magnesium formula. This special blend of calcium and magnesium is obtained from multiple sources to ensure more people have a better opportunity to assimilate these fantastic health-supporting minerals.

We are all different and therefore have different abilities to absorb various kinds of substances. OxyMin® CalM's proprietary blend of high quality calcium and magnesium also includes vitamins and trace elements to assist the body's proper utilization of calcium and magnesium. The addition of Aloe Vera further promotes OxyMin? CalM's ability to aid in the improvement of general well-being. OxyMin® CalM is a registered complementary medicine.


Each serve delivers: 

500mg Calcium and 200mg Magnesium in a unique formulation as follows:

Calcium Lactate Pentahydrate 1500mg

Calcium Glycerophosphate 553mg

Calcium Carbonate 500mg

Calcium Ascorbate Dihydrate 20mg

Magnesium Citrate 942mg

Magnesium Sulfate-dried 161mg

Magnesium Carbonate 117mg

Zinc Gluconate 5mg

Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate 1mg

Copper Gluconate 250 micro g

Aloe Barbadensis conc. = fresh inner leaf juice 2000mg

Stevia Rebaudiana Conc. equiv dry leaf 500mg.


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