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Hemp Foods Australia, Hemp Seeds Hulled Organic, 114g

Hemp Foods Australia, Hemp Seeds Hulled Organic, 114g

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Product Description:

Essential Hemp Hulled Hemps Seeds are a vegan friendly, gluten free and 100% certified organic nutritional powerhouse, packed with antioxidants, phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, fibre and essential fatty acids (in a perfect ratio).

  • 2,340mg of omega 3 (ALA) per serve
  • 7,780mg of omega 6 (LA) per serve
  • 9,000mg of complete protein per serve
  • Packed with up to 15% fibre
  • Less than 1.7g of carbs per serve
  • Paleo-friendly and vegan
  • GMO-free & 100% Australian Certified Organic.

Hemp Seeds are one of nature's most incredible superfood, containing all 20 amino acids, including 9 of the most essential that the human body can't produce on its own, essential minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus for bone health, zinc to boost the immune system, and iron for oxygenating the blood. 


100% Certified Organic Hemp Seeds


With a pleasantly mild, nutty flavour hemp seeds are ready to use raw or in low heat cooking. The seeds can be sprinkled on hot cereal, yoghurt or salads, added to shakes and smoothies, or added to bread, pancakes, granola bars and other baked desserts. Packed with protein, hemp seeds are ideal for people following a paleo diet or trying to reduce their carb intake. 

  1. Hemp seeds contain the highest amount of PUFAs (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) like Omega 3 and 6.
  2. Packed with protein that's gluten-free, dairy-free and highly digestible, with a complete amino acid profile. Every 100g of Hemp Seeds contain approximately 33g of this high quality protein.
  3. GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) - one of only five known sources (Borage seed, Evening Primrose seed, Black Currant seed, Carrot seed, Wheat germ) of this ‘wonder’ oil believed to be important for preventing inflammation.
  4. 15 times as much fat-fighting CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) as fish oil.
  5. Practically no Carbohydrates with less than half a gram of sugar per 20g serving.
  6. Packed Gut-cleansing Fibre.
  7. Cholesterol-fighting Phytosterols - 1480mg per 20g serving.
  8. Minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc.
  9. Vitamin E plus other Antioxidants.
  10. B Vitamins including Folate

How To Use:

Soft, tasty Hemp Seeds can be used for making Hemp Milk, Hemp Ice Cream, Hemp Hummus, sprinkled onto breakfast, lunch and dinner meals or eaten on their own. They can also be used in making skin products like Hemp Milk Soap.


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