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  • Description

    • Science-Based Nutrition

    • Dietary Supplement

    • Dual Acting Enzyme Complex For Circulatory & Immune Support

    • Non-GMO and Gluten Free

    • Suitable for Vegetarians

      Best Natto-Serra is a combination of two natural enzymes that have been used as dietary supplements for decades. Serrapeptase (serratiopeptidase) is a protein-digesting enzyme isolated from the friendly bacterium Serratia E-15 discovered in the Japanese silkworm. Nattokinase also digests protein and is derived from "natto" a fermented soy food popular in Japan for centuries. This nattokinase is free of vitamin K. The serrapeptase is formulated wit Serrateric, a superior alternative to enteric coating that protects the enzyme until it reaches the intestine for optimal absorption.

      Support for the circulatory system

      Support for the immune system

      Suggested Use

      Take 1 to 3 capsules daily, away from food.

      Other Ingredients

      Serrateric, modified cellulose (vegetarian capsule).

      Contains soy

      Contains nothing other than listed ingredients


      Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing, are allergic to soy, or if you have a blood coagulation disorder. If you are taking and anticoagulant (blood-thinning medication) or vitamin K, consult a physician before taking this product.

    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 capsule

    Servings Per Container: 90 servings


    Amount per serving

    % Daily Value

    Serrapeptase enzyme (serratiopeptidase activity units)

    40,000 SPU

    Nattokinase (fibrinolytic activity units)

    2,000 FU

    Daily Value not established.




    We make no therapeutic use claims regarding the use of this product. Therapeutic is defined by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as:

             preventing, diagnosing, curing or alleviating a disease, ailment, defect or injury in persons or animals; or

             influencing, inhibiting or modifying a physiological process in persons or animals; or

             testing the susceptibility of persons or animals to a disease or ailment; or

             influencing, controlling or preventing conception in persons; or

             testing for pregnancy in persons; or

             the replacement or modification of parts of the anatomy in persons or animals.


    We do not accept any responsibility for losses, damages, costs, injuries and/or other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from use of products, information or other material available from this seller.

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    Brand Doctor's Best
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Doctor's Best, Best Natto-Serra, 90 VCaps

Doctor's Best, Best Natto-Serra, 90 VCaps

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