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The Importance of Kudzu Supplements


Kudzu is a plant that is widely used in folk medicine and spreads all over the world. 

Kudzu is a liana-like grass that can climb and grows vertically along the facade of houses or other carriers that are nearby. The appearance looks like another climbing plant – ivy.

The plant is durable, able to withstand significant frosts. It reaches a height of thirty meters and can be traced in a horizontal plane. The root system is developed - in a healthy plant can reach up to 15 meters. Leaves are small. In the winter part of them falls off, and in the spring new ones grow in their place. The flowering takes place in August-September. The plant prefers a subtropical climate with a lot of rainfall. The flowers are purple and pink. After they disappear, the fruit is formed.

In the wild, kudzu grows in places with tropical and subtropical climatic areas. Some parts of the Southeast United States have more than 10 million hectares with this plant. The plant also occurs in America, Korea, and East Asia.

Chemical composition of kudzu

Kudzu plant has a rich chemical composition. This includes, useful for human, micro and macro elements, including:

  • alkaloids;
  • starch;
  • adenine;
  • flavonoids;
  • butyric acid;

The seed contains more alkaloids and histidines, and buds, stems, and crowns of plants are rich in glutamic acid. In total, the plant contains a lot of carbohydrates, and almost 40 percent of it is starch.

Healing power of kudzu

The medicinal properties of the plant have been known for some time - two thousand years ago the kudzu was used to treat cold, fever and pain, and for the treatment of flu. Now Kudzu can cure alcoholism, normalize blood pressure and relieve muscle tone.


Such active growth of kudzu in the United States was made by local residents in a positive way and began to use the plant as a biologically active supplement to the basic diet. In their opinion, kudzu can improve metabolic processes in the body, and give strength. Scientists from Alabama conducted a number of studies and confirmed the effect of grass on the body with official conclusions on the benefits of kudzu.

Kudzu can also be used not only as an addition to the diet but also for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. It can be an effective treatment of fibroids or prostate adenomas, atherosclerosis, depression, hangover, hypertension (if it is associated with kidneys). Kudzu can significantly improve the quality of sleep and restore the normal nervous system, improve the condition of the blood vessels, and also recover from all kinds of addiction (alcohol or tobacco).


Herbs are able to protect the liver from toxic poisoning due to the constant drinking of alcoholic beverages.

Medicinal forms of kudzu

The dried root system of the plant is used in the form of ready-made medicines, which are available in the form of tablets or capsules. It is also possible to buy biologically active additives in the form of root powder. As a rule, this form is used to increase the potential of men, as well as to increase immunity. In some Asian countries, kudzu is used as a seasoning, to improve the taste of food.