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The Importance of Biotin Supplements

Biotin Supplements

Biotin, which is also known as B7 and as vitamin H, is a water-soluble vitamin that is often taken to help strengthen nails and hair, and to treat skin that is excessively dry and itchy.  Newer studies have suggested some possible benefits for people with Type 2 diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis, as well.

Vitamin B7 can be found naturally in foods such as eggs, milk, grains, nuts, and legumes, and it plays an important part in your body’s metabolism of fat, protein, and carbs, which it processes to create energy for your body.

Biotin deficiencies are rare because people don’t need a lot, and a sufficient amount can generally be obtained with a healthy diet.

Those who are deficient in Biotin may suffer from weak, brittle nails, hair loss, or rashes around the region of the eyes, nose, and mouth which become inflamed due to dry skin. These symptoms are all associated with low levels of Biotin in the blood. Luckily, the best biotin supplements are right here in Australia.

What can Biotin do for you?

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

Many women become biotin deficient during their pregnancy, and that deficiency can last up until they stop breastfeeding. A Biotin 10000 supplement is often recommended by doctors in Australia to pregnant and nursing mothers to ensure their biotin levels stay balanced.


If you have Type 2 Diabetes

Maintaining appropriate levels of sugar in the blood is critical for those with Type 2 diabetes.  Because of the role it plays in your body’s metabolism of fat, protein, and carbs, Biotin could help lower your blood sugar levels and lower your insulin resistance, especially when taken with a chromium supplement.  Studies have also shown that it can help with nerve symptoms for those with Type 2 diabetes, and neuropathy that results from kidney failure. Of course, diet is the most critical factor in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, but anything that can help keep them lower is worth a shot.

If you commonly get rashes on your face or skin

People who have reoccurring rashes around the eyes, nose, or mouth may have a biotin deficiency. A Biotin 10 000 mcg supplement can improve the health of Australian skin if a deficiency is the culprit.


If you have Multiple Sclerosis

While more testing needs to be done, early results have found that increased levels of biotin have helped reduce some of the symptoms of MS

Doses and Side Effects

Biotin vitamin B7 has been proven to be very safe, with little, to no, side effects. Because it is water-soluble, any that isn’t needed by the body is eliminated with your urine.  The only concern people might have with the vitamin is that it can skew lab results for certain screenings if there is too much in your system.  

As for dosage, the most common you will find in Australia is biotin 10000 mcg, but you can also find supplements in Australia at a lower dosage of biotin at 5000 mcg, if that is your preference. Either can be purchased at various locations around Australia with ease. If you have any concern over how much to take, it is always best to consult with your physician first, and always tell your physician about your biotin intake before you go in for health screenings.