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The Importance of Aged black garlic

Aged black garlic 

Did you see that the garlic has a new look?! It turned into a new taste, it has a completely different flavor and ... it is black! It has managed to completely enchant us with its new look, and even more to benefit our body!

How does the garlic become black?

If you immediately thought that it is about chemistry and unhealthy garlic treatments - we need to discourage you. Black garlic is produced in a completely natural way - fermentation, in a humid and controlled environment, at a temperature of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. Whole, unpeeled garlic is inserted into the fermenter, where they stay for 60 days. The process excludes any supplements - no additives, no preservatives, and no artificial colors - everything is clean and completely natural. After this phase, the garlic is oxidized for another 45 days. Only after this long process, healthy garlic is ready for consumption. It is special because there is no unpleasant smell.

How so black?

The garlic is a world star for its smell. However, did you know that the garlic contains one substance that is responsible for a dark tone of garlic after fermentation? Although such, it did not lose any single healthy ingredient, nor its natural chemical composition gets disturbed.

How healthy is it?

Not a myth, no legend, nor a lie – black garlic is ten times healthier than its older cousin, garlic. It has numerous nutritional properties, especially more antioxidants and a significantly higher proportion of vitamins C and B6, as well as minerals such as magnesium, selenium, calcium, and phosphorus.


And what's the taste?

Its taste is sweet: some resemble an irresistible caramelized pleasure, and some say on soy sauce. Others say that they have not tried anything similar. One thing is certain - it's so specific that you can add it to sweet and salty dishes.


Medicinal properties

The medicinal properties of black garlic are multiple. Prepare to see what this superfood makes to our body: above all, it strengthens the entire immune system, and it acts on our body antibacterial and anti-cancerous. It is particularly important because it lowers bad cholesterol, regulates high blood pressure and helps with diabetes. Like regular garlic, it has the natural antibiotic feature and is irreplaceable in colds and flu. It is good for cell allergies and regeneration.

How is it used?

You can eat it raw or add it to salads (season and delicatessen), then fish, pasta, meat, vegetables, and even you can mix it in cakes - it will give them an incredible taste. Add it to soups, to various pastries - buns, sticks or homemade bread. Make perfect healthy spreads or add it to existing ones - it's up to you to take advantage of its benefits. However, we want to show you the simplest and perhaps the most effective recipe in the upcoming cold days - an elixir with honey.

Put in the jar of honey whole pieces of it, mix and leave it for a few days. The elixir will be the right dose of health - protect yourself with the right, natural elixir, and - you will be healthy and cheerful!