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The Benefits of Gelatin Supplements

Gelatin Supplements

Gelatin is a surprising, yet popular entry into the wonder food list. It has been eaten for centuries, but it is not until recently that the many health benefits of the food have been fully explored. Now, it is consumed in aid of a variety of ailments.

How it works

The main compound in gelatin is collagen. Collagen is one of the more important proteins in the human diet, and the regular intake of the protein is actually fairly rare, which leads to all kinds of deficiencies. Proteins are the building blocks of the human cells. Once digested, they break down into many different amino acids. These amino acids are combined in such a way that the body is able to create many different cells. These cells form organs, organ systems and other essential parts of the body. Collagen contains an identical amino acid profile to much of the human body’s essential organ systems.

How Gelatin Helps

Naturally, the consumption of gelatin (and collagen by extension) results in an explosion of benefits. The first thing that one may start to notice is external the skin. Acne, eczema and psoriasis are all conditions that stem from an imbalance of protein production. Apply gelatin to the scenario and a better result is almost guaranteed.


Joints and bones are parts of the body that suffer tremendously from everyday activity and strain. Many people take a protein supplement for their muscles, but not many people take a supplement for joint repair and recovery. When working out, the body consistently breaks down tendons, muscles and parts of the joints. They recover with the right nutrition and return stronger. Thus, feeding the muscles and joints with gelatin results in increased fitness and decreased pain.


Gelatin has been tested in many different contexts and has been found to bind well with water. As a result, it thickens stools. Much like fiber, it increases the regularity of bowel movements, assists in removing parasites and counteracts constipation.

Most of the healing starts with the digestive process, as the body needs the correct nutrition in order to formulate the compounds necessary for all of its functions. Collagen ensures that the digestive processes are more efficient. Moreover, it is one of the only proteins known to resolve leaky gut syndrome – a problem which occurs when micro holes form in the intestines leading to absorption issues. Taking some gelatin every day is literally the difference between poor and fantastic absorption.

Where to Buy Gelatin

The best gelatin is sourced directly from only the finest supplement manufacturers who work in conjunction with all the suppliers necessary in order to deliver a product that maintains all of the nutritional integrity. The cost of the gelatin is unlikely to be extremely expensive; however, be careful of products that make false claims. Buy Organic gelatin if possible. The internet is a good place to buy gelatin as well.