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The Benefits of Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra

You may not have heard of this supplement before, but this plant has been used for generations by the people of the Amazon, where it grows, to make medicine for various ailments.  The uses of this herbal supplement are many and varied, but the primary use is in the healing and health of the liver, bladder, gallbladder, and kidneys.

Some of the more common uses of chanca piedra in Australia are:

Treatment of Kidney Stones and Gallstones

People of the Amazon have long used chanca piedra to break down gallstones and kidney stones to make them easier to pass.  The name chanca piedra literally means “to break stone.” They also believe that it can be taken as a preventive measure to keep stones from forming in the first place.


Liver Health

Many also use chanca piedra to help detox their liver and maintain liver health through the herbs healing properties. It is believed to increase bile secretion, which aids in digestion, and to make the liver more effective at eliminating toxic substances from the body.  Studies have shown that this plant contains a protein that increases the liver’s antioxidant defenses and protects it against oxidative stress.  Because it improves liver health, it has also been studied and found effective in treating Hepatitis B.  It is considered to be the best natural treatment for the virus, and many are hopeful that it can be useful in treating the other Hepatitis viruses, but more research will need to be done.

Body Detoxification

While it aids the liver in eliminating toxins and waste, it also increases urine output, which further helps to flush toxins out of the body more effectively.  The increased urine frequency also makes this supplement a powerful aid in relieving urinary tract infections.  Many believe this can also help in treating sexually transmitted diseases and related infections.


Digestion Aid

As noted before, the increased bile secretion in the liver helps digestion, and many take this supplement for digestive issues, such as gas, indigestion, stomach aches, and in treating infections in the intestines.  It is widely used to treat both constipation and diarrhea.

Antioxidant Properties

Chanca Piedra’s antioxidant properties have been studied in the treatment of high blood pressure, as well as lowering blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes.

Purchasing chanca piedra in Sydney

Chanca Piedra can be purchased in several different forms, including tablets or capsules, as an extract, and as a tea. The dosage you should take really depends on the issue you are trying to treat.  Many drink chanca piedra tea in Australia as a preventive measure, because it can be safely taken several times daily.

It has very few side effects and is not known to be toxic even if it is taken regularly in large doses.  It can worsen existing problems, such as bleeding disorders, and may increase the risk of diabetes, so always check with your physician before starting a new supplement if you have those conditions.

Some chanca piedra supplements have been found to contain more fillers than the herb itself, and some contain other chemicals that may be harmful to your body, so always be sure to purchase pure supplements of chanca piedra from a trusted brand in Australia.