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Supplements to Help You Burn Off That Post-Holiday Fat

Supplements That Burn Off Your Fat

If you’re like many around the globe, you probably put on a few pounds over the holidays. It’s hard to stick to a diet when you’re surrounded by good friends, decadent drinks and desserts and indulgent food. However, now that it’s a new year, you’re probably anxious to get your pre-holiday body back—and you probably want to do it before spring break season hits.

While the best way to achieve a toned body is to eat a health, well-balanced diet and get enough exercise, you can support your journey to burn off your fat by adding the following five vitamins into your diet.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your cells properly respond to and use insulin. If your vitamin D levels are low, the levels of parathyroid hormone in your body rise. When this occurs, it can lead to a chain of reactions in which your fat cells will convert sugar into fat and store that fat in your body instead of expelling it. Additionally, lower-than-normal vitamin D levels could cause interference with your brain’s signaling to your body that you’re full, which can cause you to overeat.

vitamin-d             Omega-3 Fatty Acid

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acid

It might seem counterintuitive to consume something with the phrase “fat” in it when you’re trying to burn fat. However, omega 3s help your body produce fat-burning enzymes. Some research also suggests that omega 3s can improve leptin, a hormone that is responsible for letting your body know when it’s full, which can help you fight overeating.

3. Protein

If you want to build muscle and banish fat, you need to ensure that you’re consuming plenty of protein. Eating/drinking protein with every meal will help you keep your body composition in healthy proportions. It will also help you keep on muscle mass even while you’re dropping weight. If you’re focusing your efforts on getting to the gym and lifting weights, you’ll want to make sure to get a lot of protein to keep soreness at bay and to help your muscles recover as quickly as they possibly can.

Protein              Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

4. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLAs, which are found in dairy products, help blood glucose enter your body’s cells. This helps your body burn off the fat instead of storing it for energy. Specifically, CLAs help burn fat in muscles, which will help you achieve your goal quicker if you’re already hitting the gym.

5. Polyphenols

While the name may seem scary—you probably already have consumed polyphenols at one point in your life. Polyphenols are a group of antioxidants found in green tea. These antioxidants are responsible for helping to boost your metabolism. A high-functioning metabolism will help your body burn off fat instead of storing it. When you drink green tea, you’re also getting the fat-burning benefits of caffeine, so it’s an easy way to get two fat-burning supplements into your system.



Getting rid of body fat can be tricky, but with the help of some supplements and vitamins, you can be well on your way to seeing the results you want.


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